French manufacturing & Italian manufacturing for knitwear


Welcome to my Anamour adventure...

Welcome to our ANAMOUR universe.

I am Caroline the creator of Anamour launched in December 2017.

I decided to create this little blog, to share with you my daily life as a stylist, an entrepreneur, a working mother.

Here you can follow all the stages of creation of my brand ANAMOUR.

For those who don't know me, I graduated from fashion design in 2007.

I started working in ready-to-wear brands and French designers. I started as a stylist assistant at 23, then a junior stylist, then a senior stylist and finally artistic director where I managed the clothing workshop made up of: "model maker, stylist assistants, production manager, sales assistant, photographer, salesperson. ..”

I then left because I wanted to go further...

To offer less superficial fashion with more values.

I wanted to have short-circuit, good quality parts with real human values ​​in manufacturing.

A production made in France with artisans who love their jobs.

Fair prices with as little margin as possible, to offer you quality made in our country.

It all starts with ideas of inspiration: "fashion shows, pinterest, fashion archives, influencers, flea markets, fashion & arch magazines, a person in the street, a friend with a new dress, a discussion around of a coffee..."

Then follows a period of fabric research with our suppliers, then handmade sketches to think about a volume, a detail that would hit the mark ;-).

Below I share with you one of my drawing boards that I make at the start of each collection freehand in pencil.