French manufacturing & Italian manufacturing for knitwear


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Dimanche 07 Juillet 9h30


French manufacturing 🇫🇷 & Italian manufacturing for the meshes

Discover our limited edition Made in France collections.


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drawn by Caroline Cazauran


Anamour drawn by Caroline Cazauran

Graduated in fashion design in Paris, I created the Anamour label in January 2018.

I have always been passionate about sewing, knitting, good drape and pretty materials.

My creations are made in our French workshops by hand, in an artisanal manner.

In an ethical approach and in order not to mass produce, I chose to produce to order or in a limited edition mini series.

My wish is to offer quality, made with a lot of love & respect.

The couture spirit, the short circuit and “slow fashion” are my leitmotifs.

At the start of each month, I present to you ephemeral capsules, produced in very small quantities depending on the stock of fabric available.

The knitted knitwear collections will be your essentials and will be permanent throughout the year.

And to make you feel even more unique, I design your pretty prints :-)

French manufacturing 🇫🇷

"Anamour, it is the very strong wish of a desire to make you pretty with a lot of delicacy & gentleness..."

Limited edition pieces with precious fabrics, made by French artisans...

Caroline C
The collections by Anamour